Hm, a couple more bad things about the app Toot!

There’s no built in translation. (The translation in Tooot seemed inaccurate but at least it existed.)

When the descriptive text covers up part of an image, I can’t figure out a way to hide the text so I can see the whole image. In one case today there was so much alt text that I couldn’t see any of the image at all.

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comparing mastodon with Twitter and pillowfort, some negativity about Twitter 

Thinking about pros and cons of mastodon in comparison with Twitter and pillowfort.

I’ve joined three instances within like three days of joining, and I find myself motivated to post a bunch and reply to people, and people have replied to me too! Whereas I almost never chat on Twitter anymore unless I’m like, promoting something, or responding to a friend’s work. Part of this is that I’m scared of the kinds of replies I might get from strangers on Twitter, because I’ve had so many stressful or upsetting interactions there, whereas I’m new enough to mastodon that I haven’t seen anything bad yet.

Part of my eagerness to take part is certainly novelty, and I did the same thing on pillowfort before I got bored. The difference there is that 1) people didn’t really reply to me, 2) I didn’t have irl friends there, and 3) there was no app, so no notifications. So I’m hopeful that I’ll stay interested in mastodon for longer!

I’ve started using a new app, Toot!, and there are a bunch of things I like about it, but it seems like there isn’t a way to be notified when a particular person posts. (I feel like I’ll forget to open the app and eventually lose interest if I’m not at least keeping up with my wife’s posts.)

That said, I think my favorite feature is you can have it stop you from posting a picture until you write a description. Also the server switching looks really good, and there are lots of nice design elements. And you can make the icon trans themed.

The most baffling thing is that you can have it scan a user and say what animal or object the person is. I’m a crystal apparently. @megmac is a chicken. The only response you can give is “Understood.” Amazing 😂

Welcome #BlindTwitter to Mastodon! Here's a handy screen reader friendly guide to Mastodon and the various features #Accessibility

The other day I was saying to my wife that the word toot is silly so I’m just gonna keep calling them posts. But this morning I suddenly remembered that when I first got Twitter, I thought the word tweet was silly too. So probably I’ll just get used to it lol

I forgot to caption this image! It’s a photo of Arka, an orange cat, lying on his back with his eyes closed and his paws up!

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I know it’s not Saturday anymore but I saw the trending hashtag and got so excited to participate lol 😄

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Hi, I'm Jamie! they/them. I'm a Canadian musician and voice actor. I'm wondering if there's a place on Mastodon that's specifically about things like music and podcasts.

I also love video games, cats, and crafts. I will happily cheer on your crochet project or your fan art of Our Flag Means Death or pictures of your cat.

Here's a funny song I wrote about coming out as trans:

Hope everyone's having a good day!

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