The inside of the queer community often feels more conformist than outside the community and it’s extremely sad.

judging places for now on by the criteria “are the cat ears safe”

Attraction can be malleable and depend a lot on the opportunities in front of you. This is not lying about your attraction; this is just being honest with yourself.

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Now that I'm identifying as a woman, I feel more attracted to women than I ever have. Guys are only a small portion of my attraction these days.

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I was 100% into guys when I was a kid, when identifying as male. I thought I was 100% gay. Then I had a relationship with a girl in high school and I started identifying as bisexual.

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I wish more people would realize that it is 100% okay to change your sexuality / gender preferences over your lifetime.

When I leave my current company, my email is going to say the reason for my resignation is that they switched to Microsoft Teams.

I want to be dominated (someone to install MDM on my laptop and control what I can and can't do)

maia quote, no context will be provided 

"this is probably both one of the most deranged and also gayest things ive ever said"

I have taken action in regards to Kassie / Lumi that will hopefully stop her permanently. Her parents have been alerted to her behavior. If this does not stop her, I will take legal action.

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