ZFS is pretty neat, I kind of regret not using it sooner. I setup zrepl to make automatic snapshots and it's already saved my ass once. I deleted the wrong folder, but rolling it back from the snapshot was so easy.

Thinking about it, there are no _objective_ downsides to using Sprint UUIDs instead of Sprint numbers.

I don't suppose someone has already written a script to automatically find the mastodon profiles of people I follow on Twitter and then follow them on here for me...

If you want to argue with me about the "legal definition" of anything with regards to the code of conduct for an organization... don't.

It's a makerspace not a court of law, I don't give a fuck what the legal definition of intent is, if you deadname/misgender someone after being asked to stop, that's intentional on your part.

Being able to text my doctor's office to request a refill on my ADHD meds (and get a response within minutes!) has made it a lot easier to ensure I don't run out, but it's still bullshit I have to do this every 30 days. The rest of my meds I can easily get 90+ days worth.

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