what i would like to see is basically a platform that can be self-hosted and interoperate -- not through federation, but through platform-wide single sign-on.

that way, i can host my own content, while others who aren't interested in that can choose a hosting provider

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what is good about cohost is that they charge their users money.

this encourages a healthier relationship between the users and the platform -- rather than eyeballs being sold to advertisers, the company has incentive to ensure users remain happy.

but, it's still a silo.

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my thoughts on cohost are essentially that it is another silo.

i don't think we solve tumblr by creating another tumblr.

with that said, i think the fediverse is not really a solution either.

GCC 12 coming to alpine later today. Have to rebuild GCC 11 first so that it provides `gcc-gdc-bootstrap`, because of course GDC now requires GDC to build itself.

when will we finally stop using OpenSSL? when will we learn?

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OpenSSL is the gift that keeps on giving.

OpenSSL released version 3.0.4 to fix a CVE, while introducing a regression for users with CPUs that support AVX512. This regression is a remotely-triggerable heap corruption bug, that they claim isn't a CVE-worthy issue.

at any rate, i will be naming and shaming the company in question after i move my remaining assets, direct deposits, etc. away from them 🙃

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anyway, the fact that they clawed back instant ACH clearance without telling anyone caused me to have a panic attack last night when things did not post as i expected them to (because ACH clearance is no longer instant), and i'm not into banking-induced panic attacks

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i still say simple was the most pleasant banking experience i have ever used so far, it is a shame that simple was discontinued because PNC bank did not want it

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i should note they clawed back those features -- and several others i do not care about -- with zero notice to customers, in typical techbro fashion

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this post may or may not be brought to you by the fact that said fintech decided they just don't do instant ACH clearance anymore, or direct-deposit triggered automation anymore, you know, the two main reasons i was looking to use a fintech

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ah, the fintech i was using to automate managing my spending was recently acquired by walmart, charming

my credit union's online banking stuff looks a lot nicer than it did 2 years ago, so i think i'll give that a go

ok the 401k is 401k'ing, that's enough adulting for today imo

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