have y'all considered solving the cyberwar problem by just turning off the computers? we could raise goats. goats are cool, and most importantly, can't run UEFI bootkits.

@ariadne my friend grew up on a goat farm and considered computers his escape. i guess the grass is always greener on the other side (and taller, because the goats haven't chewed it)

@ariadne Dont count on that, I mean eventually goats will beable to run UEFI boot kits...

@ariadne But, but... the goats mount my olive trees rw and then all the olives are gone...

@ariadne cyber war is an inherently supremacist act coercing people who don't share your nationality. but it also helps 1000s of criminals make money, so its impossible to say if it is good or not,

@ariadne My family DOES raise goats. I can tell you they don't need a rootkit to go nuts and try to kill you :P

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