the mastodon official docker images carry a lot of unnecessary attack surface, i’m working on creating a more minimal set of images for each of the services

this combined with knative will likely become the easiest way to deploy a secure fediverse node in the future

for now these will be alpine based with apko (to build the images) and melange (to build mastodon itself), but will probably switch to $dayjob’s upstream distribution once it is released

the only thing i don't like about my current setup is that there are no managed kubernetes hosting services (other than GKE and EKS) that support IPv6, so i don't have horizontal pod autoscaling for my setup yet. instead i have some hacks i've made with linode stackscripts 🙃

which reminds me, i should open source my sidekiq load monitoring scripts (which allow kubernetes to autoscale sidekiq)

@ariadne I remember some news a few months ago that IPv6 support was added in EKS. Was it not?

@vwbusguy "other than GKE and EKS"

the problem with GKE and EKS is that you can go to sleep and wake up with a 8 figure bill

@ariadne My bad! I read it wrong. And you're absolutely right about that!

@ariadne I recently got our GKE bill down about 40% with some aggressive cleanup and instance type optimizations, which is a six-figure per year number. A little bit of laziness in implementation gets expensive fast at scale!


nah, it doesn't:

Please note ipv4/ipv6 dual-stack support is not currently available in the Linode Kubernetes Engine with the release of Kubernetes v1.21.1. This feature is under consideration with our product development team.

@ariadne please keep the Alpine builds available 😬🙏 :blobfoxpleading:

@ariadne what is your $dayjob's upstream distribution actually? 🤔

@RyuKurisu it will be released soon, it's alpine-like, but at the same time, not alpine-like 🙃

@RyuKurisu i think of it as "what if we did alpine, but knowing what we know now" basically

@ariadne i just spent a couple days getting my node up. The docs sucked!

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