anyway, Gleason misunderstands the Pleroma team's philosophy of not actively pursuing growth of the Fediverse.

it is more that growth of the network will happen as a function of the network having intrinsic value and social utility.

in other words, instead of the traditional capitalistic approach of pursuing development as a function to grow the network, the network should be grown organically as people find social utility in its use.

(this is basically the traditional philosophy behind growing all free software projects and not really anything specific to Pleroma, mind.)

@tusooa and we can see what has happened to those projects, can't we?

@ariadne i do hope that there's a better alternative than firefox

@lanodan @tusooa

yes, the "we should focus on growth like proprietary software does" trend came with Miguel de Icaza.

@ariadne @tusooa What I saw as a user is Sun got murdered and gnome took a massive hit.
@ariadne Effectively growing things slowly but surely vs. move fast and break things.

@ariadne That philosophy makes sense and is one I can agree with.

@ariadne Speaking of capitalistic approaches, is it just me or has there recently been a bit of fragmentation among big social media with the scandals affecting Facebook and the whole Twitter/Musk affair? Because I swear I've seen a resurgence in newer sites, platforms, and protocols as of late.

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