so, what's the best way to get alpine on WSL2 these days? asking for myself, who wants something a little more pleasant than an ssh session on their token windows machine

@ariadne @FritzAdalis
Then use the one I put into the windows store:
But nowerdays you can as well just import a tar.gz directly...

@ariadne @FritzAdalis
Admittedly it currently installs 3.15, but you can update via apk as usual.
Need to ship an update to the app so that new installs get 3.16.1 directly...

@ariadne @FritzAdalis
You can convert it to either. Run `wsl --list --verbose` to check what version it is currently in and use `wsl --set-version Alpine <Version>` to change it.

@ariadne probably install the unofficial version off the Windows Store, though it does link to its source, so building it yourself may be possible and better

@Ariadne Conill a few month ago I installed the App from the Windows store. But VSCode didnt interface very well. (I think VSCode didnt opened the alpine shell and I had to open it manually ) But appart from that it worked.
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