@ariadne There’s two different clients for macOS, a terrible one and a buggy one.

In fairness, every single application on that list is wasting RAM. Even putting aside telegram, you're easily using >30x my typical RAM consumption :P

I mean telegram is single-handedly using ~550x my normal RAM consumption, but what's an extra zero between friends? /s

@ariadne Gonna put this into the "At least it's not Electron" folder
I've never seen that happen before 😳
@r @feld @ariadne my personal laptop runs :gentoo: but it runs out of battery too quickly to be of much use when carrying a laptop with me
@ariadne It's me or Apple didn't even bother to sort by memory usage?
@ariadne I did hear rosetta uses a lot of ram due to a bug
not sure if it's fixed though.

@ariadne@social.treehouse.systems it could be rosetta, but honestly telegram's mac app has been very buggy for me, even without rosetta.

@ariadne Wait, Apple sells devices with 64 GB of RAM now? Or is it including swap in the memory usage metric?

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