engine disassembly in progress. still want to punch whoever came up with the idea of internal timing chain driven water pumps in the dick

congrats to the democrats for solving software security by making CVEs in supplied software illegal 🙃

me: "I would like to put .reference in the string table"

libelf: OK, no problem, just do this:

antlers!!!!! (though i need to get the right clips to make wearing them actually safe)

somebody just dropped the SBOM (on cinnamon)

ok, i'll show myself out

Q: You said a derpy turtle fell off your desk during the creation of bomtool, but how derpy are we talking?


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you can even visualize it with the bom tool that @puerco@twitter.com et al made

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introducing bomtool: a very early proof of concept involving using libpkgconf to generate SBOMs

this is in pkgconf git if you want to play with it.

can’t even go to burger king without seeing the @tulsapolice@twitter.com helicopter smh

just you know, writing an entire VFS implementation in go, because nobody wrote an overlay implementation yet.

i figured out a really crap way of achieving POSSE with Hugo 🙃

wow 207 whole attendees at a type of event that usually attracts tens of thousands across a whole weekend

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