one toyota dealer had online scheduling, and the other toyota dealer had "call us to schedule an appointment"

guess which one i went with 🙃

@miklo @rysiek

data-only SIMs usually do not allow sending SMS to premium shortcodes

on my RAV4 hybrid, built after this ford by over a decade, the water pump is still external. on a car that is a lot more complex.

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the impact socket set we already had literally had everything BUT 18mm ☠️

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have you ever gone on a sojourn to get an 18mm impact socket so you can deal with the fact that the ford ecoboost engine was designed by jerks who love putting water pumps inside the engine itself?

engine disassembly in progress. still want to punch whoever came up with the idea of internal timing chain driven water pumps in the dick

Hacker drama 

@BalooUriza @thegibson actually his problem isn’t with furries, it’s with otherkin community. he has had some negative interactions

@rysiek @Tanuki VEX is newish — at $dayjob we are building some tools around it that should hopefully advance the ecosystem by giving people an end to end ecosystem to use with it

oh dear, the negative campaign ads are airing now, featuring phrases like “wokelahoma”

i wonder if the apple GPU reverse engineering will result in a GPU driver for the powervr GPU on my chromebook

pondering writing to the FSF’s legal team to ask if they approve of Minio’s use of the AGPL logos to scare people into buying commercial licenses 🙃

@Tanuki @rysiek right, that’s the point of VEX, you can provide a machine readable statement that says that in the context of your app, XYZ CVE is not applicable.


and this is not a hypothetical scenario: there used to be "free ringtone" apps for Symbian and BREW, which were basically doing this exact kind of fraud.

codesigning for the average mobile phone user is a very good thing in the absence of technological literacy


i don't see the problem with having to know about sideloading.

the average person would likely be convinced to download some porn app that is secretly sending texts to premium shortcodes in the background, for example.

software freedom is important, but in the context of the cellular network (and the fraud enabled by it) requires levels of responsibility that the average smartphone owner is unwilling to take.

@rysiek i don't think it is that difficult, but i agree that there are technical hoops you have to jump through

every time i read the "apple doesn't allow sideloading on iphone" take, i just look at the sideloaded apps on my phone (via MDM policy) and shrug

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