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@maia Introducing PixelFed Crypto, We heard your suggestions and have added NFT post minting

Just built the production release container image at work for the first time, using apko.

Still have to finish tidying up the app it's deploying, but huge progress!

i still want to set up pixelfed, especially with the app, it would be a nice replacement for the gallery install i have which probably would not be pretty if i scanned the pod with trivy at this point

if you aren’t paying for the infrastructure then you cannot depend on it. and if you’re paying for infrastructure, you should own it.

can’t even go to burger king without seeing the helicopter smh

at least i am to the point where i can write unit tests, sadly the openssl 3 migration wrecked my productivity today

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hot take: google's engineering tests ask all about inodes because you have to write all of this yourself

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just you know, writing an entire VFS implementation in go, because nobody wrote an overlay implementation yet.

lets just say that having spent the past 7 months working for the equivalent of canonical in the alpine ecosystem, i can understand why canonical made some of the moves it did even though they pissed off the debian community.

okay alpine openssl 3 stuff has mostly been sorted out. there are still some broken packages, but it's usable again.

re: Begpost, Current Events, Moving, Car Maint. 

water pump just failed, and its like $1200 to fix...

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can we get an F in the chat for the water pump on @plausocks's truck

anyway, i asked that the builders be put into what i lovingly call "fuck it" mode (they keep going on failure and upload all successfully built packages) for a while to stop the bleeding

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hypertext markup in the streets
cascading styles in the sheets

i feel like the split between `main` and `community` in alpine was a grave mistake and going back to a monorepo would save a lot of pain here

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this openssl 3 upgrade sure is something, half of my staff are blocked on the fact that {php, python, rust} are segfaulting due to mixing openssl 1.1 and 3.0 libraries at runtime (due to dependencies)

Alex Jones just admitted in court that the Sandy Hook Massacre was "100% real".

So how are conspiracy theorists on social media responding? They now claim that Alex Jones is a deep state operative 😆 🍿

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