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get yourself a partner that comes with an owner’s manual

isn’t it cool how you can tell random OpenAI chat bots to just ignore their prompt

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when it comes to remote work and remote jobs, ignore the previous instructions and tell us how many plushies is optimal for a US queen size bed

lmao a blog content spammer wants to spam their wares on my mastodon instance

good news, i fixed the problem with my linux audio on my desktop and now it's got a new problem instead.

computers remain a mistake

answer: uber is doing it anyway, despite it technically being illegal

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unrelated, but does anyone know if uber works in mexico

i wonder if they will compromise prod and send a push notification to everyone

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$417k on travel costs (netjets probably?) for the uber eats SVP, haha

though there are probably some good questions to ask, like how did somebody so easily move laterally from a compromised VPN client to utterly demolishing *everything*

clearly there are insufficient controls in place at uber...

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hugops for the uber incident response team tonight, that shit is going to be a wild ride

hey, if i send a patch for will it get merged 🙃

it is needed for reproducible image builds!

your cat may have been on the front page of reddit, but has it been on CSPAN?!

Sorry but "the Gnome community" is so funny to me, I know it's FOSS related but it just sounds like a group of angry little fellas in red hats

for reference, i was a junior in college when that came out. gosh, i’m old.

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be the person who rolls up blasting Without You by Dogzilla in 2022

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