Today I learned that companies sell repaints of romantic-era works, and my soul sinks deeper into my body.

I'm trying out the eggbug thing, and hopefully I'll be able to create a bridge between it and here.

How do I engage with what's going on in the world without triggering a thermal shutdown?

I remember why I appreciate apk every time i have to use rpm

Did you know, that if you make a software product in the United States of America, and it uses any form of encryption, even just HTTPS requests, and even if you're using the built-in libraries of an operating system, you have to submit an Export Administration Regulations Annual Self Report to both the BIS and the NSA? No, I didn't either.

And Apple points this out to everyone who submits apps to them from the US.

Conveniently, it involves sending a CSV form to two email addresses. Both email addresses are supplied as a slightly blurry image, I guess to prevent the addresses from being scraped. Hurray for macOS Monterey's built-in OCR.

I keep little "what i've done" text file attestations of my troubleshooting process and nothing hurts more than following one of those verbatim and getting a different result.

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For example, I installed alpine 3.16 on a computer, then installed gnome and flatpak. Normally flatpak on alpine is point and shoot, but this time its nonfunctional if certain environment variables are not unset & many user mode commands are now inaccessible to a user in the flatpak group.

I'm sure there's trivial fixes for these but instead I cooked some food and otherwise stalled an entire day to avoid going further

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I'm pretty conflict averse, so now I hit the pillow after years spent watching simple computer problems exponentially unfold into waves of knowledge checks

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my perpetual experience with computers is a game of billiards played blind

every public bathroom stall should have a high pressure hose for bidet and bidet-adjacent purposes

I'm not ashamed of the preference in itself, but there's only so much you can squeeze a lemon right?

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Every year or so, I get an unwelcome reminder that the piece of media closest to my heart is the Touhou series and its fanwork community. The forthright adoration I still harbour for it makes me feel like a different flavour of the worst kind of embarrassing Disney Adult.

So-and-so probably just made a social media profile, or lost their personal website access, or left the participatory internet altogether.

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So I'm left in a weird position of emotional whiplash where I remember the works of my favorite artists that have sence gone inactive, but the time gap feels so protracted that I instinctively fear for the worst even though it hasn't been that long.

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For whatever reason, I don't deal with the passage of time very well. Some isolated memories might remain, but within just a few years my background context of a time span vanishes.

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