i have been pointed at some prior art for something like what i'm trying to do and now i'm trying to orient myself with the theory it's based on

I don't think it's a coincidence that the biggest problem in society is the same problem that's manifested in #FreeSoftware and #OpenSource.

That we have plenty of resources, but we are so completely terrible at distributing them that we have both very well funded nonsense and zero funded critical infrastructure.

#OpenCollective #TideLift #Socialism #WorkersRights

the reason is that i'm adapting someone else's code and making changes and i didn't realise that my construction ruled such a function out by definition. which i should have done.

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just realised i've spent 2 days trying to implement something impossible 🤡​😂​

i've got years of being an intuitive (lazy) programmer to undo,, perhaps. i wonder how long it would take me to train my thinking to be precise.

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the problem i have with type theory is that my thinking is actually incredibly sloppy and it forces me to get everything precisely correct.

which was exactly the point but doesn't make life easy

in general this is the category theoretic approach - take a simple thing and generalise it until it's a) incredibly powerful b) impossible to comprehend without actual study.

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i have a video about profunctors on in the background to wake up to.

profunctors are incredibly underrated because they're full of compsci wank, but they're very useful because there a loads of them and you can use them to e.g. implement lenses with a quite nice presentation.

i'm not saying i've been programming too long but i just use comonads as a mental health analogy

A water-based analogue computer used to model the United Kingdom economy, bringing a new meaning to the term liquidity.


there will be 3.5 extra millimetres in the remainder of this 14 day forecast, so it's really concentrating it today.

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it is currently absolutely chucking it down. hopefully this will fill the reservoirs up and water the crops.

i am just here casually encouraging my trans friends to trans everything and it is working 😂​

in fact i haven't done any real work on the project since last tuesday when i spent several hours unsuccessfully fighting github actions, which apparently triggered a need for a break...

now if i could just get back into it...

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