Fedi friends I need your help. Do folks have a goto resource for online safety, but that is aware of unique challenges or resources for the LGBTQ+ community or youth? I got passed vpnmentor.com/blog/lgbtq-guide , but while they manage to contain themselves for the most part and there does seem to be some actual useful info, it's still run by a VPN corp and feels like ultimately a shill piece for "privacy VPNs". Stonewall has a resource targeted to teachers, but not to students or individuals directly that I can see off that bat. The EFF has something, but I'm not sure if that's perhaps too generic.


@web3isgreat just posted "TerraUSD (UST) stablecoin struggles to retain peg" ( web3isgoinggreat.com/?id=terra ) and I'm sorry but apparently the Internet has ruined me.

Vanity project success? Much celebratory and frustrated cursing. 

Holy shit. I think this vanity + faucet + plumbing + shaving various species of yak is finally done? It actually fucking works, is a *significantly* improved setup in the process, and finally is functioning without drips or any leaks. I think I might just do nothing else today, to ensure I leave this on a high note.

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Of course I have couplers of every kind imaginable, but still missing the one kind that I need.

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About to embark on more (bathroom) plumbing surgery than I've done in years, as part of the most yak shaving vanity & faucet install of my entire damn life. Wish me luck.

On the plus side, we now have an actual working pressure tank switch, tanks properly pressurized, and no longer have to kick a rusty old switch until it sparks (literally) to kick in and drive the pressure tank pump. So, win?

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Just spent a couple of hours baling water out of our basement stairwell; how's your afternoon going?

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