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I never posted an intro on this server. My name is kode54, or kode, or in some circles, kuroshi. Or, my once combo of first name and my parents' last name, Chris Moeller, or my legal name, Christopher Snowhill.

I am a C/C++/etc programmer, and maintain a whole bunch of emulation and odd format libraries, including a bunch of plugins for the Windows audio player, foobar2000, and the equivalent libraries that are bundled into the macOS and mobile versions of the same name.

Also the maintainer of the only active fork of the macOS audio player, Cog. I also maintain the repository for the active console audio stream format player, VGMStream.

Is it just the macOS beta version of Safari, or is the back navigation broken lately on this instance? I click it, and nothing happens. I have to click the Home link to go back to the feed, and lose my place.

Thanks for the Stray spoilers, fedi, now I have to stay off all social media until I finish the game.

@mastonaut I'm having a slight problem with the client. Nothing too major. It's ignoring my instance's maximum message size of 5000 characters.

Cool, so apparently, the owner of xyne dot dev, the developer of powerpill for Arch Linux, geoblocks Russia now.

So glad I didn't let myself get talked into doing something like that.

Cool, I made the stack overflows on macOS. I guess I shouldn't allocate 4096 samples times 32 channels (to allow max) times sizeof(float) on the stack. That's 512KiB, the entire stack size in one blow.

And really, the only way in Xcode to track stack usage is to break at the top of your thread's function chain, command `register read sp` to the lldb prompt, then step into functions until you find the huge stack bumps.

I don't know if I posted this here yet. We could use any help anyone is willing to send for these:



Did you know, that if you make a software product in the United States of America, and it uses any form of encryption, even just HTTPS requests, and even if you're using the built-in libraries of an operating system, you have to submit an Export Administration Regulations Annual Self Report to both the BIS and the NSA? No, I didn't either.

And Apple points this out to everyone who submits apps to them from the US.

Conveniently, it involves sending a CSV form to two email addresses. Both email addresses are supplied as a slightly blurry image, I guess to prevent the addresses from being scraped. Hurray for macOS Monterey's built-in OCR.

Kickass. The OpenWrt ad blocker is now blocking "" by matching it against the listing "".

I spent an hour resetting my Mac to a clean state, and getting it back up to usable state again. Man, that sure is quick. Especially helps if I have the Xcode version I want to install already downloaded somewhere else.

I'm raising funds again, with two different goals. One smaller, for a used part from a Treehouse member, and one larger, to get an ideal final build part from Amazon.

Yeah, sorry whoever reads this. I don't jive with the idea that John Oliver is obnoxious, or with the idea that "truth" can simply be decided based on how "mainstream" the messenger is. I'm sorry, you are the crazy conservative that he's warning me about, and yes, I will laugh at you.

Hmm, guess it only works in plaintext or simple HTML. It happens to my damn DarkStat network stats page. To the MAC addresses.

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Hilarious. If I insert the hexadecimal number fe into a web page three times. FE. Like this. FE. Then Microsoft Edge thinks the page is suddenly in Catalan.

us pol uvalde 

Imagine being the former president of the US, and then going to an NRA convention just three days after a major school shooting, to talk about how we should *ramp up* gun ownership. Then imagine reading off the names of the victims of said shooting, with a bell sound playing with each name, then doing a grotesque little jig after reading the whole list.

Sorry, that's the best I can neuter the link. Apparently the plaintext slug has zero to do with the actual article identifier, and it uses that ar-* code to actually link to the article.

Oh yeah, and she thought I was nuts to think that religion is a load of hooey.

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Maybe traumatic level of behavior as a kid 

So, that potential for high level of autistic condition, may also explain why, as a kid, I once dabbled in deafening myself with black powder caps just to drown out my hearing temporarily. Then do it again when my hearing recovered. I was probably 8-10, in my own back yard, and nobody was supervising me.

Today, I have fairly okay hearing, but permanent tinnitus. Lovely.

Speaking of mental health awareness. I recently tested myself on the Autism Spectrum Quotient self-test on a particular web site (, and ended up scoring 40 out of 50. I hear that's reason enough to seek official diagnosis and maybe some help with things from professionals. Unfortunately, the only professional I currently deal with is a psychiatrist who only asks me basic questions related to my existing diagnosis, and I'm not talking to her again until July, since we only talk every 3 months. Oh, and the last time I brought it up with her, she was all like, "Aren't you happy with your existing diagnosis? Why do you need another? We don't do that kind of testing here anyway, you'll have to lay out thousands for uninsured care to seek another diagnosis!" Yeah, and she loves to make comparisons to herself and her home country's amaaaazeballs level of care.

So glad I didn't use a throwaway when I registered with B*tc*in Talk all those years ago, when they got their database stolen. Obvious phishing email, and I don't even have any online wallets.

Well. I stopped playing Terraria because it's getting too hard for me, and I'm wasting hours on it.

So I tried Control, since I have that on Stadia Pro. Nup, too hard for me. I am not cut out for strategic gun combat, only the kind where I can just run straight in and blast everything blindly. Especially that it has godawful checkpoints instead of respawning. Giving up.

So I tried Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night again, because I already backed it and got it on GOG, got it on Steam via Humble Monthly, and then got it on Stadia Pro. Tried it on Stadia. Made it to the very first boss. First boss kicks my ass soundly. Giving up.

Guess I'll play some more Terrariar.

I know this is a bit soon, since I just got funds raised to pay off a loan and some bills, but we need this sooner rather than later. Any amount you can donate helps us toward our newest goal.

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