@BalooUriza Actually, I have a Ryzen system, but I also have a Macbook Pro with Intel graphics. I'm primarily interested to see how well the A770 fares, to decide if it's better to get one of those, or to look at this RX 6600M card that some video pointed out on AliExpress.

@BalooUriza What did it have then? Was the 3D entirely software? I refuse to think that's even possible at this point.

@BalooUriza True. I think he's still used to the older Intel stuff that just sucked.

@BalooUriza I've been told I'd be a fool to invite this hell upon myself by buying an Intel GPU at any point in the near future, because "code is optimized for NVidia and AMD GPUs".

@amberage @Canageek And forget about search just working in every situation, even when it's not explicitly Ubuntu.

Attempted to point GNOME search indexing at my large storage array. It proceeds to choke its ass silly on my module music collection. (modarchive everything up to about 2019, it decided to start scanning at a rate of about one file every 30 seconds, spinning a whole CPU core for the duration then timing out. There are 120k files in the first set.)

Meh, turns out we went through that $40, and need another $100.

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@ionizedgirl Yeah, I'm still stuck on a Polaris10 card. AKA RX 480 8GB. Would love to upgrade this some day.

Don't have a use for 4K 120 yet, though. Current monitors are both 60Hz, 3840x2160 plus 1920x1080, which is always a fun time when it comes to different operating systems. Literally only macOS and wlroots based Wayland compositors can do the mixed DPI flawlessly, including cursor crossing the monitor boundaries correctly.

@ionizedgirl I considered some of the Team Green items, but I'm on Linux, and some of the FOSS and Wayland things matter to me at the moment, so I'd probably just go with a 6600 plain, considering my usual budget.

But a 3050 is probably good for your use case.

Nice that you've got something that can even do 4K 120Hz.

@ionizedgirl Saw someone selling a 6600 XT for $99.99, but that was "sealed" and it was a scam seller posing as a coffee company, "selling" 802 pages of crap for $99.99 across the board. So cool that Google doesn't moderate their marketplace with actual humans.

So, I've been putting off looking at Skype dms because I didn't want the stress of interacting with the author, and I was right. His opening message said something about a "now-deceased emulator author" 😬 and I didn't want to see the rest. I only bothered to look today because he decided to take it to Steam DMs because he couldn't get me anywhere else.

Okay, bit of a budget overflow this month. We could really use about $100 USD. paypal.me/kode54

@twinkle_mouse Similarly, someone I follow just boosted a repost of a tweet from someone I block on Twitter, but I don't know how to block just that specific thing.

@alcinnz Oh good.

I also include AVIF cover art support in my audio player, Cog. On Ventura (and eventually newer) it uses NSImage built in loaders, but on older macOS, it also bundles its own AVIF decoder.

@alcinnz I'm hate to be the bearer of bad news, but macOS Ventura beta, which added AVIF support to the system APIs many versions ago, took several betas after that before you could even open the resulting images in the Preview app. Apps which used system NSImage loaders could load the images, and Finder showed preview thumbnails, but you couldn't open them in anything.

I think the issue here is that Apple bothered to include an image codec, but didn't bother to hook up the new MIME type and file name extension in their browser or other apps yet. God, and they didn't even bother to do this before releasing it as a "stable" version?

I just tested Ventura beta 7, too. Like beta 6, your AVIF works in Finder preview icons, and opens in the Preview app. But it won't load in Safari. I have not tested the developer version, if that's somehow newer than what's included in the developer beta of the OS.

@slips Somehow that made me think of this game that I totally actually played as a kid: archive.org/details/ADVCHK - silly puzzler that has religion just shoehorned in in the form of bible verses being spammed at you on level intro.

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