Hot take: All the AI techbros arguing that LLMs have real intelligence or are the path to AGI don't realize they are just building a big data prediction machine optimized for tricking humans into believing it's intelligent by sheer brute force, without actually having any significant intelligence.

Call me when an LLM can make deductions and have seemingly original thoughts without being fed the entirety of the Internet first. That's not how actually intelligent humans work, and you're just fooling yourself with a big statistics machine if you think this is the way. Of course compressing the entirety of human knowledge into a fuzzy completion machine will make it sound intelligent. You're basically making a lossy encoded compressed version of things actually intelligent people have said, with a modicum of ability to generalize by simple association and statistics.

The Turing test breaks down when you throw enough Big Data at it. Congratulations, you've beat the test. You haven't created real intelligence though, you just cheated with big data.

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