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I guess I never posted an post!

Hi, I'm Megan! Or meg. I'm a software engineer but that's the boring part. Over the last 8 years I worked for a company that severely restricted my OSS contribution ability, so I dove into streaming and retro game hacking to do something fun as a hobby instead. That's no longer the case, but I want to continue to do those things.

I'm over on twitter, as well as twitch, as megmactv, so if I followed you here and you recognize that name that's me. I don't really stream anymore so I'm dropping the tv part.

I've been working on some hardware hacking things lately that I'm pretty excited to post about soon! I also complain a lot about the state of tech today, but what else is new.

I wonder what the last production-quality CPU made from discrete logic elements instead of directly in integrated circuit was.. The 'first' IC CPU is at least somewhat clear, but I imagine the alternative continued for a while.

And then it teaches them that what we want when it happens is grand gestures and profuse apologies rather than just moving on with our lives and for them to recognize that the thing that hurts wasn't exactly what they said but what it might mean about how they see us.

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And it teaches the wrong lessons to the cis audience it's targeted at anyways. It teaches them that on some level it's ok for our self-identity to be contingent on their feelings...

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Just like, even when people were mad at him there was no "woops I misgendered you I didn't mean it" moment and that's just such a breath of fresh air.

And it's not that I don't want to see stories where conflict is connected to transness, it's just THAT one is so played out.

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There are phrases that if I hear them a song gets stuck in my head immediately. Like:

  • maybe tomorrow
  • yesterday
  • some nights
  • too hot

This may become a long running thread of them as I think of them. Not saying what song, though some are obvious. What's the fun in that.

@mcc "Most of the characters that people call a love triangle is really just a love corner. And the woman is usually backed into it."

I really don't see what's so bizarre about loving triangles

Another day another closed social network that has no obvious means to achieve network effects, and even if it lucks out and does will just fall prey to the same forces that made every other social network a hellscape eventually.

Never would have thought that Umbrella Academy of all things would have the most wholesome trans coming out story in the history of television.

But none of the videos really go here, instead opting for digging into more and more esoteric aspects of what a field even is or how it transmits through or around the wire.

What a weird argument.

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A battery and a generator both have or create an organized state that causes a field to exist. The battery "dies" because it's simply losing its organized state. And in order for the field to exist the circuit has to be continuous.

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Never mind when we're talking about a generator. Why does the other end even need to connect to a generator, if the generator is just pumping electrons.

But since it's the field around the circusthat actually matters, then what we're really talking about is entropy.

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Because then what's going back to the battery, and why does the battery "run out" -- if it was truly depleted of electrons that would (I believe) mean something very different from what a battery is when dead.

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In the classic model, you're encouraged to think of the elections as essentially fuel, especially because batteries are usually used in examples. The electrons get "used up" in the load. But this makes no sense from a physics perspective as a holistic explanation....

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After yet another video in the veritasium thought experiment saga, I've realized that these videos just dance around the thing that really confused me about the traditional educational model of circuits: "where do the electrons go?"

They have helped me understand though.

Like, if it were actually up to date then that'd be fine if you're a superfan at least, but oof I feel bad for anyone who's been paying for this since s9 and isn't getting the new episodes.

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Ok I might have found the Worst Value Streaming Service Ever. There's a streaming service JUST for Taskmaster, which is a fairly funny british fake gameshow a la Who's Line. It only has up to season 9 (13 have aired) and costs $6usd/mo.

You won't convince them they're wrong by talking about lack of support for mothers after the baby is born, that would be rewarding sin. Fits their worldview fine. They don't believe they have any culpability in what happens after the baby is born, only the mother is to blame.

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Also, PSA: Conservatives (including anti-abortion ones) aren't hypocrites. They don't believe all life is sacred, they believe that innocence is sacred. They will tell you so themselves if you dig any deeper than the surface.

The cruelty is the point, not an accident.

People get real mad if you point out that they're not just using the "evolution wants things" anthropomorphism as a convenient shorthand, but are actually drawing conclusions from it as well.

A pox on whoever brought this quasi-intelligent-design idea into the zeitgeist.

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