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I guess I never posted an post!

Hi, I'm Megan! Or meg. I'm a software engineer but that's the boring part. Over the last 8 years I worked for a company that severely restricted my OSS contribution ability, so I dove into streaming and retro game hacking to do something fun as a hobby instead. That's no longer the case, but I want to continue to do those things.

I'm over on twitter, as well as twitch, as megmactv, so if I followed you here and you recognize that name that's me. I don't really stream anymore so I'm dropping the tv part.

I've been working on some hardware hacking things lately that I'm pretty excited to post about soon! I also complain a lot about the state of tech today, but what else is new.

Anyone else really hate feeling both restless and lazy?

I'm kinda curious if there's any documentation on which author wrote what and if that correlates at all with what I liked/disliked.

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Also I really do not at all understand the showrunners' plan with showing things happening outside the main story's context that wouldn't actually have mattered much for another 2 seasons. They kinda robbed themselves of an ok (but not great) "ending" for very little upside.

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Anything to do with Marco Inaros, though, felt like a complete waste of time in both. On one side of him: a world ending catastrophe, on the other: creepy alien shit. His book/season: how does the monster feel, though. Uggh

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I'm almost done reading the expanse series and I honestly don't know how I feel about it. There are parts that are amazing, and others that are just.. deeply dull. And those things don't always coincide with the tv series' lows and highs either.

This is the worst sentence I have ever received in an email

Ok has anyone ever seen a simple digital audio capture device for sale, as in spdif coax or maybe optical, that isn't part of a much more complicated and expensive product where the main focus is on ADC? it's really hard to search for, all you get is audio extractors and DACs.

One of the weirdest things about getting old is the growing number of people you can say "I haven't seen much of you in the last 10 years" about..

I have been running into a situation where I keep using "RTX" to refer to hardware raytracing acceleration, but this is misleading because RTX is actually NVidia's trademark for their specific implementation and sometimes you want to contrast NVidia with AMD. To solve this, I would like to propose we now refer to the underlying technology as "HRT", for "Hardware Raytracing". "Within ten years all gamers will have access to HRT", et cetera

After another attempt that failed in pretty similar ways, managed to recalibrate everything right and got a much nicer print.

Just like 5 days worth of printing parts like this and it'll actually be something!

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It's like.. "here's a nice coming of age dramedy show with a bit of an edge to it..." and then BAM Hits you right in the feels and you have to go watch a kids show to balance it out.

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That said while twitch has dangled the better rev share as a secret-not-secret carrot to smaller streamers forever, it's been pretty clearly dead for ages now and I don't think this is the thing that'll rally all the haves and have nots of twitch together to meaningful action.

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It would be fascinating to know how much of a paycut this is going to mean to some of the biggest twitch streamers, assuming this really is applying to everyone and there are no more sweetheart deals anymore even for people like ninja.

Apparently there's a new tv show called Reboot and it is somehow not a Reboot of Reboot. Megabyte and Hexadecimal are sad.

I am deeply deeply disappointed that the people in the new quantum leap's future/present scenes aren't all wearing ridiculous LED clothes like they were in the original quantum leap pilot, even though that's actually more likely in real 2022 than 1992 or whatever.

Weirdly I think this is an extension of both-sidesism? Like, if you're so convinced of a balancing fulcrum to every issue, the only decisive factor left is how much information each "side" supplies, rendering you vulnerable to gishgalloping. Silence is guilt in this framework.

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I'm always very amused, in a sad sort of way, by replies with the following format:

"I know nothing about this topic but this one post on a dispute within the field I have no stake in has convinced me thoroughly of one side's position because of how confidently it asserts it!"

Don't think I've seen them roll something out that way before?

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