Yeah. Didn't plan to use them and now I definitely won't.

RT Basically, and I had a contract where I promoted them, they had cash flow issues and stopped paying me- breaking the contract, I waited a few months, then I went elsewhere. Now, if they can get me to sign an invoice (months late) they can claim I'm still working for them.


It's so true. BMCs are a 90s mixtape of vulnerabilities 😭


Attention aged exploit writers: If you were a ninja in the late 90s-early 00s, turn your attention to embedded devices, bootloaders and firmware. All your old skills are new again.


Behind the scenes: I wasn't expecting to talk on Twitter Space last night so I stopped in the middle of replacing my truck's brake hoses to clean up enough to hold my phone to chime in

TFW rusty bolt head snaps off. It's a 10.9 bolt. You manage to drill far enough in to use an extractor. The extractor snaps.

Welp. Replaced Cowboy's front brake calipers. Pedal kept sinking to floor. Figured I hadn't bled them enough. Nope. Rear passenger caliper blew a seal. 😭

Such an ordeal to get here: install win7 with old Firefox that has Adobe Flash so I can use the out-of-band management (which requires flash) to attach an ISO over CIFS as a virtual CD.

Described myself as part-time CISO cosplay today.

Fuck probably cancer but can't be sure because shortage of CT contrast.

(Not me. Close friend)

Oh, the disclosure also reveals that Microsoft and Oracle also got to peek at the PSP and SMU firmware source. Only the biggest players get to trust-but-verify.

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Those AMD vulnerabilities disclosed by Project Zero yesterday? They were fixed by AMD in November 2021. still doesn't have an updated firmware for my affected motherboard. Firmware supply chain is a constant security problem.

New brake calipers for Cowboy had extra parts. Checked the service manual. Turns out the brakes haven't been fully releasing because some previous owner didn't install the v springs. It's been like this for the 2 years we've owned it. 🀯

Unfollowed yet another account for retweeting xenophobic COVID misinfo.

Really looking forward to brake cylinders arriving so I can fix the truck so I can buy a box blade for the tractor so I can grade some of the yard which will remove a bunch of rocks so I can mow without hitting $#@$!#! rocks all the time.

Gotta limb and buck the trees before you can chop the wood.

This is pretty neat. A #Seattle nursery for native #plants that no one else grows locally! @plants

OH during Propolis demo: It runs Windows but will it run DOOM?

20 min later: *pic of DOOM in dosbox in Windows in Propolis* runs pretty smoothly, all things considered. the main problems I faced had more to do with being bad at FPSes than anything to do with the virtualization

Took a break from work and lost all motivation.

I've offered no cost mentoring, mock interviews, and resume reviews (sign up for one at for a few years now. If you've benefited from those and wanted to show your appreciation, you can always buy me a coffee at

Since factory resetting my Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, Mastodon app doesn't generate notifications. They are enabled in the settings. Notification events show up in the UI if I manually refresh. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ

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