Got nerd sniped into looking for the highest power draw workload I could get running on a single Oxide sled. Managed to hit 416W. I think I can get it a bit higher but headache pointed out I hadn't eaten dinner and it was dark outside.

I loathe gate valves on water lines.

This tweet brought to you by the gate valve on the non-functional main bathroom shower's hot water line deciding to leak around the handle.

Astrid, 1yr old Corgi, has been picking fights with Poe, 5yr old Corgi. I now have an imprint of Poe's bite on my arm.



The recent arstechnica article ( about the report on Matrix security vulnerabilities revealed disagreement between the researchers and the vendor.
This is not unusual, but it is unnecessary and damaging (usually for the vendor).

It's also avoidable. 1/


I've told my taking down a data center with regex typo before. How about the time I hastily wrote a HTTP over RPC proxy in C++ and deployed it to prod because HTTP access to prod from corp was being turned off. I broke all monitoring of prod from corp.


Someone just reminded me of this ancient thread, and today seems as good a time as any:

Senior folks, tell us about a time you messed up real bad!


IKEA continues to be out of shelves for PAX wardrobes so took matters into my own hands.

FYI: I'll be posting a job description for a Corporate Security Engineer/Architect role at Oxide very soon. One of our short-term needs is experience setting up internal PKI for code signing and internal services. Spread the word.

Rearranging all the furniture in the room to the mirror image while the teacher took his regular wander while we were supposed to be working


What's a core memory you have of math class?


I keep thinking I should sell these oddly-specific but also oddly-useful boards via my Tindie store


TFW you really need a CEM slot but only have U.2 bays…


Alt text: 3d printer frame made out of aluminum extrusion. Upright connects to base in a T but has a slight rounding on one side of the mating face. Metal from soda can cut into a rectangle used as a shim in between upright and base.

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Finally found where the twist in my X axis was coming from. Cut on one upright was slightly curved so it would lean a few degrees off 90 when tightened down. A little soda can shim fixed it (h/t for introducing me to that)

My dryer apparently felt left out of's new home experiences. I came home to the steam sprayer being stuck on and water all over the floor.

Finally got first coat of primer on the playhouse. Only a year after building it. Hoping to get it fully painted before the rainy season starts again.

Need to find things to do in Kirkland on a Sunday

When did credit-card sized stop including thickness?


First part of the review of UP 4000 x86 credit card-sized with an Atom x7-E3950 quad-core processor, 4GB RAM, 64GB flash.


I really wish this wasn't a real story where we got a "root cause analysis" as a 7 slide presentation using the company official template that told us nothing.

RT When someone requests a description of what happened and you provide a "root cause analysis" of "sudden mechanical abnormal," you can skip the formal template and actually describe what happened.


Last night as I was dealing with a challenging family matter, this dog decided to see if they could get onto the dining room table and decided that my steak was fair game.

Today started hard and progressed to deepening levels of sadness

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