*finally joins a(nother) public(-ish) Mastodon instance while still insisting to himself that he's _definitely_ going to be implementing an ActivityPub implementation for himself eventually*

@remmy i think it is better to invest in building something more capable and more opinionated than activitypub

@ariadne I generally agree, but that would require essentially building an entirely new platform, which is something I definitely don't have the time and energy to do.

So what I was thinking about instead was building something small, just for me, that could easily be extended to handle any flavor of ActivityPub that's spat out by the various users of the protocol.

I'd really like something small I could self-host to fully own the infrastructure I depend on, but things like Mastodon and Pleroma are very much not it.

(reposting as I just noticed it was posted as private.)

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