the void hungers*

(*hello, I'm a little void. we hunger. feed us.)

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high availability catgirls (SREs with differently alarming sleep schedules)

tarou shirobako is the quintessential Incorrect Reply Guy

change my mind

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@mcc "Most of the characters that people call a love triangle is really just a love corner. And the woman is usually backed into it."

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common medical myth 

So someone reminded me about wine (ADHD dammit)

And I just remembered the myth that wine in moderation is good for your health.

This turns out to be a total myth!

When you account for socioeconomic factors (you know, how better off people can actually afford wine), the effect is no longer distinguishable.

Basically? People who have more money live longer and are generally healthier.

Surprise, huh?

it's a lot easier to executive function if you have a cute senpai that's willing to do an accountability call >.<

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i like how signal, like all these other messenger apps, assumes one phone number equals one identity, which is dangerous to trans people (outing)

We are experiencing an issue with Kouhai Emotional State.

Our engineering team continues to investigate the issue.

part of this is that I can actually feel the cruelty past the dissociation again

pinpricks, where there's actually a wound

a just would would have neither

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風になる(Acoustic version)

(now, if only I could write compelling singables…)

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*finds a new song for the eternal hyperlinked list*

and it's in my vocal range!

if only I had the vocal training to *sing* like that >.<

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@kouhai yeah sleeping with your partners is cool, but have you considered sleeping 6-12 hours apart and seeing how high you can get your polycule's uptime

this headpat is provided "AS IS" without WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, express or implied, including but not limited to the warranties of COMFORTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A

@alex *pet*

(if you didn't get a decent amount of sleep, I reserve the right to do a charge back on this :3)

high availability catgirls (SREs with differently alarming sleep schedules)

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