several different internal monitors all going into alarm – "something's not right. help. please fix this."

it's a level of suck that past iterations of self don't understand, *can't* understand

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this happened a couple days ago, and it sucked

just, the constant feeling of wrongness

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recreational self harm (forgetting to take hrt)

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In honor of Chinese [standard mandarin] language week, from Chinese [standard mandarin] duolingo

we don't like thinking about the bad angles

it's still… painful.

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transing is seeing the self from a good angle, enjoying it, but also wanting more…

💭​ LIL NAS X SYNOLOGY collab – get a gratis DRM-free copy of the new album "SINOLOGY" at /srv/media/sinology with your purchase

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is jollibee in madrid a case of the colonized getting justice over the colonizer

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Today I discovered that Kassie is in fact Lumi and has a pattern of sexual harassment. DO NOT TRUST Kassie. I say this in my personal capacity and as someone who has hung out with her in person and financially helped her.

> abbrv is a URL shortener backed by a simple JSON file. Optionally, it contains a Chrome extension that rewrites requests to go/KEY to redirect to your hosted instance. This project is heavily inspired by large tech companies that have a very similar system.


hips hips hips hips hips


the only way out is up; but maybe, maybe when the wings give out beyond all reasonable (stressed/strained) limits

maybe then, the (gliding/tumbling) freefall will take you where you want to be…

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